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The Parachute team is comprised of resources that have extensive experience in the Canadian Fintech space.

We recently partnered with a local Leasing company to create a software platform that streamlines the leasing business from end-to-end.

The Parachute Leasing module is an origination tool for Vehicle and Equipment leases for both commercial and residential clients. Our key features are listed below:


Quoting Tool

Our quoting tool has business rule logic applied to handle the calculations necessary to provide the correct quote based on the parameters of the deal. All the user has to do is plug in the high level values!



Our experience has told us that every lease scenario can have a different element that is important to the deal. The Parachute platform is very flexible when it comes to adding and removing fields for data collection.


Document Generation

Input the data once and dynamically populate your required lease documents.  All documents can be added to the platform and generated with the correct details all in one click!



Get a real-time view into your portfolio through various system reports.  Parachute is also integrated with Microsoft PowerBi for more in-depth reporting functionality.

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