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Energy Efficiency


Parachute Software is a pioneer in tracking Energy Efficiency programs through their configurable software platform DropZone. 

Our ability to track multiple programs in one system, from residential to large commercial upgrades, prevents disconnected data silos and offers a robust and integrated reporting and analytics platform.

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DropZone is responsible for managing some of Canada's largest and most ambitious Energy Efficiency programs.  Through a combination of team experience and the ease of tailoring our solution, we can deliver quickly, without compromise.  


Data Integration

DropZone has a flexible architecture with APIs to connect to external systems and data as needed.  This allows the system to accept new program participants from external websites and forms and utilize other best-in-class software tools. 



From Measure Administration to define eligibility, incentives and savings (energy and GHGs), to Status Workflows, notifications and escalations, to User and Role definitions, DropZone can be setup to manage any Energy Efficiency program. 


Payment Gateway

To streamline and provide the required security and traceability of incentive payments, DropZone offers secure, direct bank to bank payment processing.  



DropZone tracks every data point, and every user action, to allow for detailed program reporting, and to track effectiveness. 

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